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Cancellation of a reservation with a 60 day notice or greater will allow for your deposit refunded if and only if  the retreat is rebooked for the exact rental timeline. A $50 administrative fee will be retained.

Courtesy Holds

Request a courtesy hold until you firm up your event timeline when you're not certain which dates you wish to book for your scrapbooking retreat or family reunion. Just let us know which dates you are interested in, and we will hold them until interest is shown by another party or you make your deposit.

Because we are a small business and we rent our entire facility to our guests, it is important we enforce a strict cancellation policy. There are also important policies that apply to courtesy holds including:

Submitting a deposit converts a courtesy hold to a reservation and is the only way to guarantee your desired dates.

Parties with a courtesy hold will be notified when another party shows interest in the same dates. At this time a deposit will need to be made to convert the hold to a reservation.

Repeat quests can place a courtesy hold on a specific timeline; however, courtesy holds within one calendar year are subject to a deposit being paid during their (annual) retreat.

Deposits are transferable to an alternative date based on availability and a minimum of a 90 day notice.